Plantain Crisps

Made from thinly sliced, lightly fried and seasoned plantain slices, this snack is very popular across much of South America and the Caribbean. They can easily be found pre-packaged in local grocery stores, sold by street vendors or homemade. These tasty chips have a flavour more akin to potato chips than banana chips. They can be served as appetizers, as accompaniment for guacamole, or as a healthy snack, as they are an excellent alternative to regular chips.

Plantain is part of the Musaceae family. Properly speaking, there are few differences between plantain and the bananas that we eat for breakfast or as snacks. A distinction is occasionally made by referring to bananas as “the fruit of the desert”. A notable difference is how they are prepared and eaten. Since plantain grows year-round in equatorial, tropical and Andean regions, it is a reliable food source and a staple of the diet of these regions. Plantain contains less sugar than bananas and is an excellent source of potassium and fibre.

SS-FRUTAS makes sure to select premium quality plantain from tropical South American regions to produce delicious chips. Potassium-rich, gluten-free; with no colouring agents, artificial flavouring or preservatives, these chips are a guaranteed to be nut-free. With fewer carbohydrates, more potassium, and more vitamin C than potatoes, plantain is an ideal snack for the whole family.

Naturally Sweet PlantainsSalted PlantainsSpicy Plantains
Ingredients : Plantain, olein palm oil
Store in cool dry place.
Ingredients : Plantain, olein palm oil, salt.
Store in cool dry place.
Ingredients: Plantain, olein palm oil, spices, salt.
Store in cool dry place.

Available formats/box
• 50 bags x 85g/box
• 12 bags x 85g/box
• 35 bags x 165g/box
• 24 bags x 165g/box
• In bulk 3 bags x 1818g/box

Shelf life: 6 to 9 months, depending on ambient conditions.