Fresh exotic fruits & vegetables

When you are looking for a fast, efficient and reliable importer and distributor of high quality,fresh, exotic fruits & vegetables year round,SS-FRUTAS Imports Inc. IS your direct solution!!!

We are not only growers of own hand-picked Exotic mangoes, but we also select premium plantains which are carefully harvested from the tropical areas of South America, to produce gluten free, nutritious and delicious vegetable PLANTAIN CRISPS with a source of potassium, no artificial colors, flavors nor added preservatives.

SS-FRUTAS Imports is built on a solid foundation of over 20 years expertise and experience in the business. We are in direct contact with the growers of a variety of other exotic fruits and vegetables which are knowledgeable about the markets stringent quality requirements, and who know the importance of on-time deliveries.

With a direct control, from the point of origin, we can ensure consistency in quality, and adjust quickly to our market’s ever changing needs. We take care of all the steps involved in importing. Including the reservation of carrier space, whether it by land, sea or air. The management of all the documentation from the point of origin, direct to final destination is pre-arranged for you. With a sales and distribution warehouses out of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, SS-FRUTAS Imports Inc. provides the Canadian, North-American, European and Caribbean markets with stress-free negotiations. We oversee all aspects of the operation!